The concept of MODRÝ SLON Publisher is based on the franchising system. Everyone who is enthusiastic, focused and proactive enough can become afranchisee and can contribute to the growth and mission of our publishing house.

Franchising is a distribution system through which products, services or technologies (in our case personalized books and other products of the publishing house) are sold. This system lies in a close and continuous cooperation of both financially and legally self-reliant and independent companies – the Franchisor, as a provider of the franchise (Modrý slon Publisher), and the Franchisee, as a receiver (a licensed partner).

The Franchisees have the right andobligation to use the business concept of the Franchisor within a certain area. They use the name of the system, products trademarks and services, including know-how, economic, technical and business methods. The Franchisor provides the franchiseess with support for either direct or indirect reward.

Modry Slon Publisher presently operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. We are looking for partners to introduce this successful concept in other countries.
If you are an entrepreneur looking for a new business, here is an opportunity For YOU!
Contact us on: info@modryslon.cz to get more information.

• A partner enthusiastic about our business system.
• A partner who believes that through personalized books he can reveal the magic of written text to all children.
• A partner who wants to bring a positive difference to the lives of children in his community.

If you are interested in possible cooperation, please, fill in the form below. Following the receipt we will contact you.


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